“Why are you running for Judge?”


It’s a question I’m asked daily since announcing my campaign, and rightly so. It was the question I continuously asked myself in the months between deciding to run and making it public – an exercise in checking motives, convictions, and suitability. 


My answer to myself and to you:  


I am running for judge because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of justice, when upheld according to the principles of democracy, to benefit individuals, communities, and our entire city. 


Every fiber of my being knows that our judicial system can do better by the people of Philadelphia, and that I am equipped to be part of its next chapter. There are better ways to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth and balance them against the complex needs of society. A first step toward this reality is the appointment of judges willing to forego the path of least resistance and seek comprehensive solutions. 


I am qualified to be Judge for many reasons. As a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense, often representing parents whose children have been placed into the Department of Human Services’ dependency care system, I have stood side by side and served as a voice to many people whose voices have been historically silenced. Even when we did not achieve desired rulings and sentences, I ensured that those rulings and sentences were achieved legally – a due diligence that has required continued understanding of the statutes, landmark cases, and rules that define my practice. 

I am hopeful that the winds of fortune in this amazing city will continue to shift in the direction of equality, of checks and balances, of integrity. I am running for Judge because I fundamentally believe in the human spirit and our capacity to evolve. 


If you are interested in being involved with my campaign you can do so by volunteering or donating. If you cannot contribute financially or with your time, simply sharing my vision with other Philadelphians helps and is sincerely appreciated. Consider joining my mailing list for volunteer opportunities between now and May 21st, 2019.  


Justice is not a gavel hit and a goodbye. Justice is a complex notion that calls for comprehensive thinking from judges committed to exploring all angles and options for better outcomes for all of us. I hope you’ll join me in my quest to achieve exactly that. 


All my best,  

Brandi McLaughlin